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Not really a game - just a little experiment that uses the LeapMotion to change control parameters that drive a mathematical model.

The display shows a closed figure whose shape is defined by three pairs of Fourier coefficients, as outlined in 'Fourier Series, the DFT and Shape Modelling', Kark Skoglund, 2004. You can adjust the coefficients by waving your hand over the controller.

To be honest, this was less successful than I'd expected.

Install instructions

Unzip the files into a directory, and run 'FourierShapes.exe'. Requires Windows, .Net 4.6 and a LeapMotion controller.


FourierShapes.zip 678 kB


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It would be best to package these files into a single ZIP or RAR. I can't get the executable to run on Windows or OSX. What platform is this for?

Good suggestion, I've done that. Runs on Windows 7 and above, and you need to have .Net 4.6 installed. If that's not on your system already, you can get it from https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/kb/3045560

Also requires a LeapMotion controller.

The newly packaged build is working. Nice!